Hugo Barra feels there’s still some time before Xiaomi reaches developed markets

Xiaomi has seen thundering success every market it has set foot in. Starting from its homeland of China to the islands of Indonesia, the company’s devices have been well received not only by the tech-savvy, but also buy the budget conscious.

Many Xiaomi products also end up in European and American households, but that’s courtesy of re-sellers in China. This also shows that there’s a good market for Xiaomi in these developed markets; Hugo Barra, the company’s international face, however, revealed something recently that won’t make a lot of Xiaomi fans in these countries very happy. As it stands, Xiaomi is accused of taking design inspiration from ‘other’ companies. Some even call it the Apple of the East for that, a tag which the company doesn’t particularly like.

“It’s probably gonna be a few years before we reach these tier one markets,” is what Barra had to say when quizzed about when the company was planning on setting up shop in the Europe and Americas in a recent BBC interview. Barra added that he thought the markets were a lot more competitive than the ones they already operate in, which is why it will take the company longer to get there. Barra said that he beleived Xiaomi is capable of having a much greater impact in developing countries, thanks to the company’s policy of selling devices at near-cost.

It’s a shame it’ll take them time to get into the aforementioned markets. But it’s good to see Barra talk to-the-point without beating around the bush too much; that’s an attitude which could take the company to new heights.

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