Hannspree’s Windows 8.1 PC-on-a-stick comes with licensed Windows (and available in Europe)

MeeGo Pad might have been the first ones to out the MeeGo Pad T01 Windows-on-a-stick mini PC (review) late last year, but the stick comes with a few problems of its own, which include a non-licensed copy of Windows 8.1. Hannspree’s trying to overcome that with their own take on the concept, with their new Micro PC.

It’s essentially a re-branded MeeGo Pad T01 (both use the same OEM, perhaps). This means that it’s powered by the same Intel Z3735F CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, but thanks to added costs of a Windows license, the stick goes for quite a bit over the US$100-110 asking price of the MeeGo Pad T01. As Liliputing reports, the stick can be found starting at US$177 + VAT in France, all the way up to US$277 in the UK.


With the Intel Compute Stick scheduled to make an appearance within the next couple of months, you’ll be paying quite a high premium if you decide to go with this or one of the many reincarnations the MeeGo Pad T01 takes. Intel’s version will be available for US$150 with full Windows, so it does make sense to wait for it to come out than to go for one of these stick that are already available.

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