Take a pinch of salt: Meizu rumoured to be working with Nokia on new MX4 model

meizu MX4 review

Chinese news sites are reporting that Meizu are rumoured to be working with Nokia on a new international version of the Meizu MX4 named the “Supreme”.

A cooperation between Meizu and Nokia sounds highly unlikely, but that’s exactly what news reports in China claim is happening. The rumours states that Nokia will be working on modified version of the Meizu MX4 for international markets.

The phone is believed to retain the same hardware as the current Meizu MX4, but will be restyled by Nokia and possibly even run a Nokia developed ROM with camera optimizations to the Sony 20.7 mega-pixel camera.

Internally the Meizu/Nokia phone is called the “Supreme” however the rumour does not expand on if Meizu are just the OEM for future Nokia device, or if both companies will have their branding on the final product!

It sounds like an outlandish rumour to us, but the idea of a Meizu phone given a Nokia refinement is certainly one that we would be tempted to own.

[ Meizu News via TechWeb ]
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