Take a pinch of salt: Meizu rumoured to be working with Nokia...

Take a pinch of salt: Meizu rumoured to be working with Nokia on new MX4 model

meizu MX4 review

Chinese news sites are reporting that Meizu are rumoured to be working with Nokia on a new international version of the Meizu MX4 named the “Supreme”.

A cooperation between Meizu and Nokia sounds highly unlikely, but that’s exactly what news reports in China claim is happening. The rumours states that Nokia will be working on modified version of the Meizu MX4 for international markets.

The phone is believed to retain the same hardware as the current Meizu MX4, but will be restyled by Nokia and possibly even run a Nokia developed ROM with camera optimizations to the Sony 20.7 mega-pixel camera.

Internally the Meizu/Nokia phone is called the “Supreme” however the rumour does not expand on if Meizu are just the OEM for future Nokia device, or if both companies will have their branding on the final product!

It sounds like an outlandish rumour to us, but the idea of a Meizu phone given a Nokia refinement is certainly one that we would be tempted to own.

[ Meizu News via TechWeb ]
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  • Muhammad Yasir

    20.7 mp? … RIIIIIght!

  • Marco Lancaster

    Man… Normal, Pro and now Supreme, and after two months, the Meizu MX4 True God Badass version…

    • חתול תעלול

      The Nokia customized version won’t be just another version. Instead, it will be used as an international version for the well-known
      MX4. Probably with semi/fully Nokia branding.

      • Marco Lancaster

        If so, turns to be interesting, saying about hardware the MX4 is a very good phone, could be a triunphal return for the name Nokia, but if she can modify it by will, I hope ditches Color Os and sell Nokia MX4 with a good stock Android or little modification, like Nokia N1.

        • חתול תעלול

          And that can do well for both companies. I actually hope for a different thing in terms of OS, I really hope to see the phone having an option to run AOSP,ColorOS (which I like alot and think it is more “finished” to the end costumer) and some kind of non-android linux like Ubuntu mobile or maybe even a new release of the dead-old MeeGo.

  • Miko

    If there’s one thing I liked in Nokia phones was the good photos they could produce even on medium range phones like 925..
    Would be glad to see a partnership but come on guys at Meizu… if you do that, give a treat to us who bought the normal version and make an awesome update on the camera software! 😛

  • andre

    will it even be legal for Nokia to come up with their own branded phone right now? Since Microsoft has already bought their mobile division, and I think part of the agreement is that Nokia will not come up with their own mobile phones in a year or so.

    • Dels

      it will be Meizu MX4 Supreme not Nokia MX4, nokia only work on design (nokia build quality I hope) and rom development not the branding

    • lalap


      “During the original purchase announcement of the Nokia mobile division by Microsoft, it was made clear that Nokia as a company could not get back into smartphones until Q4 of 2016.”

      Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri:
      “We are not looking to a direct consumer return to handsets per se,” he
      said, but added that the Nokia “brand will return to the consumer world”
      through licensing deals in the longer term.”

      I hope they won’t just sell the name Nokia to anyone ;(
      Maybe they will offer to producers some patented technologies (HW, SW) and maybe some design guidance in a package to create Nokia edition of their phones.

  • seven7dust

    it would make sense in some ways , since Nokia can’t release phones or their own for the next few years , partnering with Meizu could be a viable way to leverage the brand with someone else s hardware,

    I’m just guessing here ,but it would be awesome if it happened.

  • Nikos

    Too many phones for Meizu. Meizu wants to arrive in Europe and has already shops accross Europe. I think that Meizu will sell their phones through Nokia, which is a well-known and trustful company, in order to sell more units, to make European people buy their phones.