Xiaomi use live crabs to test the Mi4, upset some international fans

Xiaomi recently posted a video on their Facebook page showing the use of live crabs and lobster to test their Mi4, some fans are not impressed.

The video (below) which shows Xiaomi staff visiting a fish market and choose a couple of crab and a lobster, was originally posted around 2 weeks ago in China, but this weekend was again shared on the official Xiaomi Facebook page.

Testing the strength of phones through means more interesting than simply dropping them has been a great marketing tool for brands, but so far Xiaomi are the only company to have chosen the use of live animals.

The test shows the crabs and lobster snapping at the Mi4 before ending with a question asking if the Mi4 will pass the lobster test. During the video the sea creatures are help upside down and made to chop vegetables and even a glass cup.

Xiaomi only seem to have posted the video on their Facebook but a copy has also been uploaded to Youtube:

Some fans have unsurprisingly posted unhappy comments about the use of animals in the video on the Xiaomi Facebook page. Some comments also point that they should be more considerate towards international tastes and ideals.

[ Xiaomi Facebook ]
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