Huawei entering the power bank market with new 13,000mAh number?

huawei battery

Huawei have really been taking a few lessons from Xiaomi. Low cost Honor phones, smart routers and now a 13,000mAh power bank are all lessons learned from the communications giant.

Huawei are one of the most talked about companies on the planet today. They might make the next Google Nexus, their new watch could cost $1000, and at MWC everyone was talking about how Huawei will overtake Samsung in the future.

In the present though we are looking at Huawei’s next accessory which was leaked on Chinese forums yesterday. Huawei obviously didn’t feel the need to hide who inspired them when it came to their 13,000mAh powerbank as the design and textured finish are all classic Xiaomi.

The power band even features a similar power button, and LED notification system to the Xiaomi version plus dual USB.

Although the forum claims the 168 Yuan battery is a genuine model, I have seen enough fake batteries of this design to know not to jump to any conclusion. Let’s see if Huawei actually end up revealing this as their own in the coming weeks.

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