Asus Infographic tells you why to buy the ZenWatch over the Apple Watch

asus zenwatch

Asus are hoping to attract more attention for their wearable with a cheeky infographic explaining why you should buy the Asus ZenWatch over the Apple Watch.

At MWC I got my hands on a few Android Wear devices, but it was the ZenWatch I came away most impressed with. The design was thinner and more elegant (in my opinion) than say the Huawei watch, plus with a lower price it is surely going to be a lot more accessible for most of us.

Asus are hoping to capitalise on their lower price point and attract possible Apple Watch buyers too. The above infograhic basically trys to tell us only the wealthy or crazy should purchase the Apple wearable over the Asus rival.

The image is basically nothing more than an attempt at viral marketing, and leaves out the real plus points of any Android Wear device over an Apple Wearable, compatibility with 1000’s of Android phones and tablets being the major draw for most of us.

The ZenWatch might be up for review if we can secure one in the coming weeks so keep posted for more information.

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