Ulefone step up! Now offering a 2 year warranty for phones!

ulefone 2 year warranty

One of the issues facing buyers of Chinese phones is the lack of warranty or support available, Ulefone are stepping up to this challenge by offering a 2 year warranty on their phones.

Ulefone say that they realise that poor after sales support is a major issue for Chinese brands that try to enter international markets and hope they can try to improve things by offering an extended warranty on their phones.

All Ulefone phones are now covered with a 2 year warranty which will be backed by the companies international distributors. In addition Ulefone are also in talks with service centres in Spain, Germany and France for easy warranty and repairs.


This is a big step for Ulefone and one that could really put them in a position to dominate in the mid-range Chinese phone market for Europe.

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