OnePlus 2: Snapdragon 810 and 2499 Yuan price tag

OnePlus 2: Snapdragon 810 and 2499 Yuan price tag

oneplus 2 concept

The launch of the OnePlus 2 is still a few months away, but OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has already been discussing hardware with fans on Weibo.

Lau posted that the OnePlus 2 will receive a Snapdragon 810 processor once launched in Q3 of this year. Fans might react thinking that an 810 chipset in a phone so late in the year seems like an odd choice, but economically its a sound idea. OnePlus can wait for prices to drop while offering high-end performance.

Speaking of price, when fans quizzed Lau over the price the OnePlus boss replied that 2499.99 seems like a reasonable price after one poster suggested the figure. At current exchange rates that would mean a USD price of $403.

oneplus 2 pete lau

The OnePlus 2 2015 flagship is rumoured to come with at least 3GB RAM, 2K 2560 x 1440 display of either 5.5-inch or 6-inch, 2.5D glass and a “better than Touch ID” fingerprint scanner.

With launch still a while away fans of OnePlus have already started to create their own OnePlus 2 concepts such as the video below by Sahanan Yogarasa.

For OnePlus fans that wanted a smaller device, there is still hope as other OnePlus phones have been rumoured for release also.

[ Weibo ]
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  • Radier

    What? Thay are crazy to use this pice of shit S810 which nobody except HTC don’t want to use. They would better go for Helio X10 (MT6795) or Helio X20.

    • common sense!

    • Pablo Ruiz

      The Helio don’t support 1440p, though.

      • Jason Lee

        Helio 10 6795 doesn’t support 1440????

        • Pablo Ruiz

          Oops, my mistake!

    • balcobomber25

      Nobody but HTC wants to use?

      HTC One M9, LG Flex 2, Mi Note Pro, One Plus Two, Le TV Le Max, Le TV Le One Pro, Nubia Z9 and Xperia Z4 have all been confirmed to use the 810. The next Nexus phone made by Huawaei is also reportedly using the 810. You can say it’s not a good SoC, but there are plenty of flagships that are using it.

    • Hugo26

      OK CALM DOWN AND BREATH THE GO GOOGLE SOME INFO ABOUT THE SD810. there are 2 versions of the SD 810, the first version which is in the LG flex 2, htc one m9 and most others are all the version 1 which had heating and consequently a lot of throttling [problems so it tended to perform just about weaker than the last gen SD800 because the heat made it throttle under full load but this was caused mostly beacuse Qualcom was under huge pressure from apple to get a 64bit processor out there to compete with the A8 and obviously something went wrong and they purposefully made it throttle under full load. They couldnt do much about it since they had already produced a large quantity of those chips. However they created a v2 of the SD810 and im not sure about how many phones are using them buti am sure that of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro uses it, in fact Xiaomi sent 10 of their own people to help custom designing their version for optimum functioning of the chip and the fill the whole overheating problem. The Samsung Exynos 7 octa still kicks its butt but the SD810 V2 is no slouch its probably second to only the Exynos 7.

      • Cheeze Keyk

        and then the MiNote Pro has some heating issues also even they already using the 2nd version of SD810.

  • Qidamin

    I don’t understand, they still haven’t lowered the price of the OPO, and if the price of their next phone is 2499 yuans I doubt they will ever do it.

    • Xalis

      Actually the price went up with the dollar exchange rates.

      • Qidamin

        I mean chinese price, Meizu has lowered MXPro price, Xiaomi Mi4 price…OPO still the same.

  • realjjj

    With SD810 in Q3 it better be 1799CNY or less but even at that price it could really hurt OPO so hopefully they change plans.
    We would all be better off if they lower prices for the One and make the Two a phone we want even if it takes longer.
    The push for higher pricing is not cool either.

    Maybe they should do a SD618 and 1080p at 200$ in Q3 and delay the Two for a better chip.
    Bigger phone makers must release something even if they fail to excite anyone, OnePlus can’t afford that, they really need to get us excited and they can’t do that by upping prices and offering a phone we don’t want. Losing CM could hurt them as it is so they really need to do a great job with the next products or they might not survive.

  • david

    Dual sim?

    • Rob

      Highly unlikely

  • Rob

    Price of this is already more expensive then the last one. Thought they would’ve gone down the route lg took and put in an sd808 as the original never had the latest CPU in it at the time. If it is releasing so late then perhaps they should put the Helios X20 in it and drop the price.

    • Filipp

      Helio x20 is a crap having t880mp4 which is less powerful than adreno330

      • Who the hell told you that the T880 MP4 is less powerful than the Adreno 330? Its more on par with Adreno 420 in the SD 805.

      • Airyl

        Which idiot told you T880 MP4 is weaker than Adreno 330? The T880 should be slightly faster than the Adreno 420 GPU.

      • Hugo26

        The Helio X20 is defo not crap are you insane, the only thing that concerns me a bit is how itll handle heat from all the power it has p.s. 70,000+++ on antutu and the GPU is slightly better tahn the adreno 420 indeed

  • im Mad now ill not buy it at this price.
    אני עצבני עכשיו במחיר הזה לא אקנה אותו

  • George

    By that time we will have the 6797 for pennies from the ele and co.,why beg to shell out 400?

    • MaxPower

      6797 won’t probably hit the market before Q1 2016, since MT announced that it will be out at the end of Q4

    • balcobomber25

      Production of the 6797 isn’t set to begin till July/August. Between the time it take for MTK to complete production, run quality control tests, ship them out to suppliers etc. you are looking at around September/October the first time a phone company has access to it. It then takes another couple months for the phone company to test it out, design their phones, produce them etc etc. The earliest you will see a 6797 phone is January/February.

  • Xalis

    The hype died, the price was their only weapon and they have lost it.

    • AdM

      At 400€ I’d wait a few more months until the price of a real flagship phone drops and then would buy it. I guess they will soon realize what was their main selling point advantage.

    • balcobomber25

      I would say CM was their main weapon and they have also lost that. Everyone I know who owns a OPO (about a dozen people), all bought it over rivals because it was designed around CM.

  • alan4195

    Please, OnePlus, don’t play stat-sheet wars. 1080P is plenty sharp and easier on the battery, CPU, and GPU. Instead of 2K, give us AMOLED or OLED.

  • Steven Fox

    If you already have Oneplus One, there is no need for upgrading, and if you don`t better get it than this. Oneplus really need to offer something mid-range.

  • Marco Lancaster

    Theres something that I didn’t understand. If Snapdragon 810 is already a big problem, why they don’t opt for the Snapdragon 805? Of course, is a 1 year old SoC, but I still think it’s better than use the 810 with the heat, or the 808 which is more weak than the 805.

    • iKosh

      I don’t know why the Snapdragon 805 is neglected by manufacturers. I can count all phones using this SoC with one hand.

      • MaxPower

        It wasn’t very gentle with batteries

    • Varun Varma

      I doubt Qualcomm are still offering the SoC to OEMs now that the 810 is their flagship.

    • balcobomber25

      The problem is Qualcomm. They have all but abandoned support for their older SoC’s and have focused exclusively on the 810. They all but said the 810 is the only chip that will be available for flagship phones until the 820 releases at the end of the year.

  • arun das

    The above specifications shown in the vodeo are fantastic. 4 gb ram,4000mah battery, 810 snapdragon , 20 mp camera with ois, 2k display, 64 gb internal….again this will also be an flagship killer ….but dont delay the release till q3 as 810 will become obsolete by that time in flagship category…..yes, at $400 of course. that the bottom line or else there are so many options..

  • MaxPower

    So, highly discussed SoC, no more CyanogenMod, no more bargain price, probably still invite system.
    You should change your motto into
    “Never Settle with us anymore”

    • balcobomber25

      Yea I have a feeling this is going to be a sales disaster this time around. The original One Plus was so popular for two main reasons: It was offering flagship specs for a very low price and it was running CM. Neither of those are true anymore.

  • balcobomber25

    I gotta wonder how much sales will be affected by the lack of CM this time around. I know plenty of people who bought specifically because of CM.

  • Jason Lee

    I think those phones using Helio 10 or S801 chips are more than enough today… But, to stay competitive in the market, those flag ship phones have to use the top chips like S810, or later Helio 20 and S820…

  • Cheeze Keyk

    D810? and then another heating device with SD810 SoC. your name will be ruined Oneplus.