AllWinner’s A64 Chipsets for Tablets, for only $5, entering in mass production soon!

Great news from Allwinner, their newest 64-bit chipsets for tablets going to get into production very soon, the big news? They cost only $ 5!

The company has had a very busy year, announcing their newest products and SoCs aimed to give good performance and low price. With both of these requisites, the company announces that their new line of Allwinner A64 Chipsets for tablets will be entering on mass production.

The A64 chipset line offers many advantages, including 64-bit support using powerful and economical A53 cores,  as well other capabilities that are really unexpected when you look at the value of the product. With the price tag of only $5.


Some of the highlights, not to mention the price, are  4K video decoding capabilities and HDMI out, a new technology for display called SmartColor 2.0 (which should be something close to Mediatek new Miravision setup), support for various DRAM types, allowing companies to adopt options ranging from the cheapest to the most powerful and efficient. And the Android 5.1 Lollipop support out the box.

With the new SoC, we really hope that companies that adopt it, can provide good and truly affordable Tablets, without sacrificing features.

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