Meizu m2 note scores less than 32,000 on Antutu!

meizu m2 note

I know we don’t talk for everyone, but apart from the addition of an SD card, the Meizu m2 note has been a little underwhelming and the new Antutu scores don’t help!

The Meizu m2 note was announced this morning, and is basically a slightly modified version of the original Meizu m1 note. Yes, it has a physical home button, and an SD card, but overall it is very similar to the original m1.

Taking a closer look at the specs you discover 2GB RAM, but a new processor. For the M2 , Meizu are using the MT6753 chipset. This is basically a version of the MT6752 (found in the original M1 note) but with Mediatek’s WorldMode 4G LTE support. That’s not the only difference though. The MT6752 in the m2 runs at just 1.3Ghz (the m1 has a 1.7Ghz chip) and the GPU is a Mali T720 (the m1 has a Mali T760). So what do these downgrades in the processor dept mean to the overall performance?

Well as you can see from these Antutu benchmarks, the scores are far from impressive! In fact a score of less than 32,000 points is what we expect to see from a MT6582 phone from 2014, not a mid range 2015 phablet! In comparison, our own Meizu m1 note scores over 40,000 points.

It is hard to understand exactly what Meizu are playing at. Launching the m2 note so early after the m1 note and with poorer performance just doesn’t make sense. Sure the M2 does cost a little less, but isn’t that what the 5-inch m1 note was for?

So far Meizu have to versions of the Meilan Note and they have still failed to make a perfect one. All they needed to do was keep the original M1 Note, add the SD card (and the physical home button if they must) and launched that phone first. The m2 note should have come later in the year with much higher build and better spec.

What do you think of the Meizu m2 note? Is it a worthwhile phone to consider? Who would choose the m1 note over it? And who is going for neither budget Meizu?


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