Chinese phone maker UBRO will be the first manufacture to release BOM details

ubro m1

UBRO are a new up and coming phone maker who have the novel idea to release complete component costs of their devices to help inform customers of their buying choice.

We’ve seen 3rd party companies tear down a phone and price up the cost of each component to give us a general idea of the actual unit cost of a phone, but we have never seen a phone maker release the information freely.

After announcing their first smartphone, the UBRO M1, UBRO now say that they will release the BOM (Bill of material) for the phone. A BOM is the list of the parts and components of a product and can be used to work out the cost of a device.

It’s an interesting strategy for the young phone maker and we’ll be interested to see how it pays off once customers know exactly what they are paying for. UBRO say that they hope the release of the BOM will allow customers to understand the price, performance of their phones and appreciate the added suite of UBRO applications that have been developed for use with their phones.

ubro m1

As for their first phone, the UBRO M1 is a 5-inch HD model with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and 64bit MT6735 chipset on board. They also land to launch an M1 Mini (which oddly enough is still a 5-inch phone) and M1 Pro with larger 5.5-inch FHD display.

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