Huawei sells 48 million smartphones in H1 2015, outpaces Xiaomi

Huawei seems to be on a roll these days, and with its upcoming Nexus smartphone with Google on the horizon, the company’s becoming a “Nexus” of wealth in the smartphone market.

The company reported yesterday that it sold 48.2 million smartphones in the first six months of 2015, with a 39% product increase and an 87% revenue increase from a year ago. The company’s greatest growth came from China, where Huawei doubled its shipments, and from Italy and Spain, not to mention the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Huawei is expected to sell 100 million smartphones by year’s end, an impressive feat indeed.

48.2 million smartphones is an impressive number for Huawei, who has now outsold Xiaomi in smartphone sales for the H1 2015. Xiaomi sold 34.2 million smartphones, and many predicted that the company would overtake Samsung in global sales. As Samsung has been getting crushed in mid-end to low-end sales by Chinese manufacturers, and Xiaomi is learning as of late, the smartphone and mobile sales market is unpredictable. There are times when, no matter how great the device, consumer preference changes and customer needs change.

Some are forecasting that Huawei can overtake Xiaomi in China if it continues its upward trend, but Huawei’s got its sights set on the US with the upcoming Huawei Nexus.


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