OnePlus 2 invite rollout to be deliberately slowed down

oneplus 2 review

I’m not sure if this is something OnePlus planned from the beginning or another one of OnePlus’ excuses, but the invite rollout for the OnePlus 2 has slowed down, and it’s official.

OnePlus posted in a very typical OnePlus-themed post that they’re “going to slow the rollout of invites in other regions as well in the coming few weeks”. “Other regions” referred to the fact that the OnePlus 2 had already been delayed by a few weeks for North America.

The forum post by co-founder Carl went on to say that they’ve ‘seen a few cases where the material of the new USB Type-C cable is not holding up to our standards. This is being resolved upstream’.

I wonder why it is always OnePlus that faces such issues after the launch of the product.

The forum post contained the typical “At OnePlus, we focus on creating the best product, and…” etc. You can read the entire post here.

If I were lining up to buy the OnePlus 2, I’d probably be pissed by now. The OnePlus One proved to be quite a hard phone to get hold of last year, and I’m not sure how much longer this strategy of hunger marketing is going to work for OnePlus.

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