Xiaomi could ditch Qualcomm Snapdragon for homebrew SoCs

It’s no secret Xiaomi has been having a problem of plenty with regards to SoC choice. Xiaomi phones currently ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs, MediaTek chips, and there’s always the Leadcore talk going around.

Xiaomi are in the midst of a not-so-successful stint with the Snapdragon 615 for the Xiaomi Mi 4i (review). Also, the newest phone from the company — the Redmi Note 2 — surprised everyone when it was announced with the Helio X10 from MediaTek. This came right after the patent issue that Xiaomi faced in India, something which will also stop Xiaomi from launching the Redmi Note 2 in the country.

Nonetheless, a solution seems to have been found by the company, in in-house SoCs. What that would do is allow Xiaomi to minimize costs even further, thereby increasing profits/reducing selling prices of its phones. Also, greater control over the SoC design will allow Xiaomi to make its processors exactly how it wants, and not have terms dictated by another company.

China’s Huawei and Korea’s Samsung are two companies which have made the switch to making their own SoCs and have been fairly successful at it. Xiaomi is certainly big enough to consider designing and producing their own chips already, but it’ll yet be interesting to see how they fare.

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