$60 Bluboo Xfire shows you how little money can go far

What can you get for just $60? Sure, a few meals, a little gas for transportation, a few months of Netflix, and now even an Android smartphone form Bluboo!

First, let’s get some of the more tech-savvy standard expectations out of the way. The Bluboo Xfire features a 5-inch, IPS LCD screen, a 64-bit, 1Ghz, MediaTek MT6735 processor, colorful back covers to choose from (black, white, and blue), dual-SIM slots, a 2,750mAh battery, and Android 5.1 Lollipop, the latest from Google (though Android 6.0 Marshmallow is set to arrive September 29th with the new LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P).

The company says that the 2,750mAh battery can get you through a day of heavy usage or two days with normal use, and it seems sufficient for a 5-inch display. To put this battery into perspective, recall that Google’s own LG Nexus 5 from 2013 featured a 4.95-inch display with an ~2,350mAh battery.

Now, for the surprises. First, the Bluboo Xfire has dual mics, one to improve call quality and one for noise reduction – making the Bluboo Xfire the first entry-level device to have the feature. Next, while 8MP cameras are an industry standard with mid-range smartphones nowadays, Bluboo provides a 5MP front camera that competes with high-end “selfie” smartphone cameras. The recent 5MP front camera trend was inaugurated by HTC on its high-end One M7, but has since been picked up by Sony, Samsung, LG, and others.

Bluboo Xfire

Two more surprises remain about this device. The Bluboo Xfire provides gesture controls that let you dictate how you wake your screen, play back your music, and quick start the device camera. For those who want to customize even further, Bluboo says that the Bluboo Xfire will have ROMs and that the “official will provide” CyanogenMod and MIUI ROMs later.

You get all of this for just $60. If you wanna see how far your small money can take you, head on over to www.bluboo.com.cn or a Bluboo online retailer. Are you impressed by how far your $60 can travel?

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