Asus and Vivo are the fastest-growing smartphone brands globally

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Have you found yourself picking up an Asus Zenfone 2 or a Vivo smartphone lately? You’re not alone. The latest research from analytics firm Counterpoint for Q2 2015 says that Asus and Vivo are the fastest-growing smartphone brands, with Asus shipments increasing by five times what they were a year ago; Vivo shipments increased by four times as compared to 2014.

Apart from Asus and Vivo’s growing popularity, China and India are growing in the number of LTE smartphone shipments, with China LTE smartphone shipments growing by 4X. India, on the other hand, saw LTE smartphone shipments increase by 12X what they were in 2014. Huawei passed Microsoft to become the third largest global manufacturer. We have a feeling that the Huawei Nexus, or rather, the Nexus 6P, will further contribute to Huawei’s growing brand.

Samsung still controls 4 out of 5 global regions, with the Korean manufacturer owning the most market share overall (19%) and holding the top place in Asia (13%), Europe (31%), Latin America (24%), and the Middle East (25%) in mobile phone marketshare. In global smartphone share, Samsung has the top overall spot with 21%, Asia (14%), Europe (32%), Latin America (27%), and the Middle East (34%). Apple wins in North America in both mobile marketshare and global smartphone share.

Huawei is third in mobile phone marketshare overall (7%), tied for second place with Apple in Asia (8%), tied with Nokia and Alcatel for third place in Europe, tied for third with LG, Motorola, Apple, and ZTE in Latin America, and tied for third place with Alcatel, ZTE, and LG in the Middle East. Vivo placed ninth in mobile phone marketshare (2%) globally.

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In addition to China’s growing LTE smartphone shipments, China now constitutes two-thirds of the LTE smartphone market along with the US. 3 out of every 4 mobile phones shipped (75%) are smartphones, which shows that smartphones are still on the rise.

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