Bluboo Xfire Pro promises Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM for $169.99

Bluboo Xfire Pro promises Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM for $169.99

bluboo xfire pro

Bluboo are set to follow up their budget Xfire with the a Bluboo Xfire Pro model that will be a pure Xiaomi Mi4C rival at a lower $169.99 price point.

This year with the dominance o Mediatek in the smartphone market, Qualcomm have been broadening their search for new companies to work with. Already we have seen Qualcomm powered Cubot and Elephone phones, now Bluboo are looking to get a piece of the action.

What’s exciting about the Bluboo news is that they won’t be entering at the bottom end of the Qualcomm chip range as their new Xfire Pro has been confirmed to get the Snapdragon 808 chipset. If you followed our Xiaomi Mi4C coverage last week then you will know that this is the same chipset as the latest Mi phone.

It’s no coincidence that the processors are the same though, as Bluboo have actually pointed out that they are focusing on the same market segment as the new Xiaomi and believe their Bluboo Xfire Pro will make a challenging rival.

In addition to the Snapdragon 808 SoC, Bluboo Xfire Pro specifications also include 3GB LDDR4 RAM, 16GB internal memory (with an option for a 64GB model), 5-inch 1920 x 1080 On Cell IPS display, and 3000mAh battery. It get’s better too as the main camera is the same excellent 13 mega-pixel OV13860 sensor that the OnePlus 2 uses. The front camera will be a 5 mega-pixel sensor.

Bluboo have also revealed that the Bluboo Xfire Pro will support LTE bands 1/3/7/38/39/40/41, will come in a range of colours and will be a unibody polycarbonate model (which is likely are major reason for the low price tag).

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Retail pricing is $169.99, a killer deal on a phone packed with this level of hardware, while the launch date is going to be roughly late November early December. Watch this space for more Bluboo Xfire Pro details!

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  • I got soooo excited on seeing the topic of this news. But I changed my mind when I read 5 inch display. Anything lower 5.5″, I’m out.

    • SnowyCat

      well to be fair there are tons of 5,5″

      so its always nice for humans or girls to still find some phones that you can actually use with one hand

      • Boyan

        I second that. 5” is the maximum. Anything beyond that is not a phone anymore

        • Manu

          well depends on size of the hand actually just a year ago i had 4.5″ now i have 5.5″ and i dont feel like it is to big for one hand even without a one handed mode^^

        • Dante

          :/ Then im using a ţone

      • Airyl

        Implying people like me and Michael are animals of course.

        • Dante

          I Now feel like a monster for using a 6 incher

      • Raul

        Agreed, my girly hands can barely grip 5″ with one hand properly

  • Radier

    Lack of Band 20 LTE is disappointing.

  • mikey

    They allready forgot xtouch….big dissapointment

  • tako

    again and again b20 is missing , why so does it cost so much ?

  • Dante

    Bluboo have a lot of fake deals i doubt it will be 808 considering its price point is much higher than even 6795 and Yeah qualqomm aparently has a low end edition of the 808 which is speculated to be faultier and prone to overheat

  • willysson

    Great, something I’m (finally) interested in at a good price point. Would it be too much to hope for OIS on that camera? I still want to see whether Innos actually releases the rumoured D6000M, which would compete with these specs.

    • willysson

      Can anyone attest to Bluboo’s customer service?

  • manohar basavaraju

    Hi Andi, i have a problem with my Order Ulefone Be Touch 2…. i am not getting any support from Customer service…
    Pls contact me on my email… My 221 USD got wasted i feel so by ordering on gizchina shop….
    Awaiting your reply soon…

  • Burs

    They could have just named it Xtouch 2, ’cause it will end up just like it. They were promising MT6795, and instead 6753 was released. Now they’re promising SD808, so we could expect something like 615. I’m not giving them any second chances.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    release is too late …
    phone looks V.GOOD for value for money but they’ll be out doing them selves with late releases !

  • Milan

    I would definitely buy this if it had a brand logo on back saying: JiaYu

  • Zapata

    Well yeah, another sweet looking phone with nice Specs that will never be released…

  • roni24

    no way, we wish for that kind of phone, if they want an extra 20$ for adding NFC or fingerprint, we are willing to pay.

    • willysson

      or OIS!

  • Andi

    Does anyone know if it’s worth to wait for the Bluboo Xtouch, or will that never come?