Ulefone rolling out update to bring U-launcher to more models

Ulefone’s U-launcher won’t be a Paris exclusive much longer as they plan to bring it to more of their phones.

The latest Ulefone Paris phone features a custom version of Android Lollipop with Ulefone’s new U-launcher. The launcher adds a touch of individuality to the otherwise stock Lollipop ROM and will eventually updated with more features.

That’s all well and good for people who buy the Ulefone Paris but what about other Ulefone phones? Well the Ulefone plan is to bring the launcher to more of its phones in the coming weeks starting with the Ulefone Be Touch 2.

We will be the first to agree that this is hardly a headline item, but the real news here is that Ulefone are dedicated to bringing updates to their phones, great news for all Ulefone users.

The update for the Be Touch 2 will be rolling out on phones in the coming days via OTA so keep your eyes open for it.

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