#TakeTheEdgeOff campaigns gives Samsung owners to trade in for a OP2

The OnePlus 2 is a good phone, but OnePlus are so confident in the handset that they are allowing Samsung phone owners the chance to trade in (up?) to the OP2.

It’s a bold marketing, offering the OnePlus 2 as a trade in for a Samsung Edge device and it is already making headlines (as you can see), but other than clever marketing it really doesn’t seem like an offer anyone is ever going to accept.

While the OnePlus 2 is a good phone, it is also much cheaper than say the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. What are the chances that an owner of a more expensive phone are going to trade in for something cheaper, even if it does perform better.

In an attempt to convince Samsung owners to go for a OP2, OnePlus are saying that they will be donating all the Samsung trade ins to charity, but then again wouldn’t it be better just to give a bunch of OnePlus 2 phones away instead?

We doubt that there will be much of a demand to take part, but incase OnePlus have limited the number of participants to only 50, and are only allowing the offer until the 18th October. You can see more details in the terms and conditions.


So more #hype from OnePlus, and were sure that isn’t the last of it.


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