Meizu want you to swap your OnePlus 2 for a PRO 5

If there’s any action happening on the smartphone turf, it is from the Chinese OEMs.

Most Chinese smartphone makers operate at razor-thin profit margins, which makes it imperative for them to sell their products in huge numbers if they’re to make a substantial profit. This also means that most of these companies don’t have a massive marketing budget, which means they have to resort to viral campaigns that spread through the users themselves.

Meizu’s newest marketing gimmick is its offer to OnePlus 2 users. The company wants OnePlus 2 owners to fill up a form and then win a chance to swap their OnePlus 2 for a Meizu PRO 5, which is the company’s newest flagship and the first of the PRO line.

While at it, Meizu have also taken a dig at OnePlus, hashtagging their posts with ‘#TurnTheHeatOff’, am obvious reference to the overheating problems faced by Snapdragon 810 phones (the OnePlus 2 being one).


The post, captioned ‘Want to swap your OnePlus phone for a Meizu PRO 5? Tell us why you want to #TurnTheHeatOff and you could win!’ was published on Facebook by Meizu a few hours back.

So, any OnePlus 2 owners here who wish to swap their 2016 flagship killer for the Meizu PRO 5?

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