4K Vivo Xplay5S could launch as early as 4th November

vivo xplay 5s

If rumours and leaks of the Vivo X5playS had managed to wet your appetite last week then details of the release date are going go have you salivating.

Vivo’s flagship phone range is long over due a refresh, with the current Xplay3S having been on the market for well over a year already. The next generation Vivo Xplay5S is what we expect to launch early this month at a launch conference confirmed by Vivo today.

The Vivo launch event simply mentions something ‘fast’ will launch and sources say the launch may come as early as the 4th November.

Leaks last week showed us a metal bodied phone with slim side profile, and fingerprint scanner on the rear. As Vivo are usually one of the first companies to use the latest hardware the Xplay5S could show up with a Snapdragon 820 chipset and up to 4GB RAM (this certainly sounds fast to us).

vivo xplay 5s vivo xplay 5s

Other rumours state the Vivo flagship will have a 6-inch 4K display, 12 mega-pixel front facing camera, 21 mega-pixel main camera, at least 64GB internal memory, Hifi Audio and 4000mAh+ battery.

This is definitely a launch I am patiently waiting to see, what about you?

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