Oukitel hammers the K4000, K4000 Pro and iPhone 5 on video

Oukitel’s K4000 and K4000 Pro phones have been flaunted as tough and durable by the company plenty of times, but just how durable are these devices? Oukitel looks to answer this question with their latest video of a person using a hammer to smack the K4000 and K4000 Pro. For good measure, they also decide to throw in an iPhone 5S as a comparison.

The video is divided into two sides. The first shows a man using a hammer on the Oukitel K4000 against the iPhone 5S, and it doesn’t end pretty for the Apple device. The Oukitel K4000 on the other hand comes out well and working, as another person quickly shows the device running it’s UI. Both devices are only hit once however, so this isn’t much of a durability test.

The other side, and the more interesting one, shows the Oukitel K4000 Pro getting slammed with a hammer repeatedly for about 30 seconds. The person then proceeds to pick up the device and show the K4000 Pro working perfectly fine as he swipes through the music application, almost as if nothing had happened. You can watch the video below.

It’s certainly reassuring to see manufacturers putting this much thought into the durability of their devices. What do you think about this video, or just Oukitel in general? Tell us in the comments below.

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