Zeblaze Cosmo features new charging solution for better water resistance

zeblaze cosmo wearable

The latest wearable from Zeblaze will feature a new charging solution to ensure the watch will keep as much moisture out as possible.

Zeblaze have been making wearables all year, but their previous devices (the Rover and Crystal) both used a USB plug to recharge the battery which has now been changed to a new solution on the Zeblaze Cosmo.

The benefit of having a standard USB is that you can easily charge your watch on the go, but the disadvantage of having a USB port is that the device isn’t exactly waterproof so for their Cosmo, Zeblaze have opted for a charging dock solution instead.

zeblaze cosmo wearable

The new charger is only one of the new features on the new touch screen watch, full details of the wearable can be seen over on their website.

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