Doogee S1 wearable will feature full Android and call 3G

doogee s1

Doogee will be taking its first tentative steps in to the wearable market this year with their Doogee S1 smartwatch, so what features can we expect?

The Chinese wearable market is split in to various types of models from basic fitness trackers to more intelligent watches with full operating systems and phone features. The Doogee S1 falls in to the latter with Android OS, SIM support and even a 5 mega-pixel camera.

Doogee plan to release the Doogee S1 with a full compliment of fitness features, that will track your sports achievements and monitor your heart rate, but unlike other wearables the S1 won’t need to be connected to a smartwatch.

doogee s1

With a SIM slot the Doogee watch will be able to make calls independently from your phone, and even connect to the internet via 3G networks. We’re still waiting on the full final details but we hope to also see WIFI in the device too.

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