Xiaomi to foray into VR and robotics this year?

Xiaomi has already shown it is far from just a phone maker; it is very well known that the Chinese brand has a lot of other stuff in its kitty including a hoverboard, luggage, air purifiers, and whatnot.

That said, it appears as though Xiaomi isn’t satisfied with its diversified lineup of offerings, and is considering making a foray into robotics (beyond Ninebot) and virtual reality.

Most well-known phone makers, including Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and even Letv, have a VR product, be it a full-fledged VR headset or a Google Cardboard clone.

This means there’s enough reason for Xiaomi to create something in the VR-sphere of their own, and as its done with almost every product across segments, disrupt the market with a killer price tag.

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That said, if Xiaomi does unveil VR and/or robotics gadgets, it’ll be more than just an experiment for the company. This is because Xiaomi doesn’t seem to be enjoying a very steep growth curve, at least not the kind it had for its first few years. Which perhaps also explains the sudden disappearing of Xiaomi’s typical ‘sold out in xxx seconds’ marketing fliers.

That said, we’re sure Xiaomi will bounce back strong. Perhaps a more pressing issue is that of how the upcoming Mi 5 performs on the market, something we should come to know about in the next handful weeks.

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  1. shmox
    January 16, 2016

    the man on the photo is their first cyborg :p

  2. Tajwar
    January 16, 2016

    Did I read kitty?

  3. Sbz
    January 18, 2016

    haha. They should start making cars too. just kidding. -)