There will NOT be a Meizu Pro 5 Mini anymore

There will NOT be a Meizu Pro 5 Mini anymore


Had your hopes set on a 4.7-inch Meizu Pro 5 Mini as the small screen flagship of your dreams? Well sorry because it’s not going to happen.

So it appears that Meizu were actually set to release a flagship phone with a smaller form factor but now those plans have been canceled! Why? Well Meizu are stating that their intended supply in Taiwan has been affected by the recent earthquake and stock that they were planning on using has been damaged. The disaster would set the Pro 5 Mini plans quite some time, so Meizu have simply decided to ditch the idea.

We’ll that’s what HuangZhang and Li Nan have said on Weibo anyway.

no more meizu pro 5 mini

Apparently Meizu will now use what they learned developing the Meizu Pro 5 Mini on the Meizu Pro 6 flagship instead.

This sounds a little off to us though. If Meizu had already got the screen stock confirmed we assume tooling and the production line for the Pro 5 mini were in place too. Surely they could have found another screen supplier, or was their screen size and ratio a little different from the norm like original Meizu phones?

So the Meizu Pro 5 Mini is no longer going to happen that’s official, but we do know a Pro 6 is in the making and who knows perhaps we will get a Pro 6 mini instead?

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  • lolipop

    Is this a joke??? To Cancel one of the best ideas??? oh…. meizu Goodbye from me. If the reasons for that are true I can understand, but…. I think it is totally the wrong way you got. You should have cancelled something else!

  • Glenn

    many phonefactory is hitted by earthquakes nowdays but the media say not much why?

  • tauerman

    I think the Meizu Pro 5 Mini never existed. I think it is all a marketing/PR stunt to get more attention to a Pro6

  • Adam Irvine


  • balcobomber25

    The market for smaller phones is shrinking, the market for smaller premium phones is even smaller. This never made sense from a company like Meizu. Samsung or LG could do something like this because they have a much larger user fanbase.

    • Stef

      Which is a bit funny, because those are the only ones that can primarily used one-handed.

      Goes to show that people hated phones from the get go, what they always wanted was/is a portable computer that can be carried on a piece of clothing (pockets) or accessory (purses).

      I had predicted that back in 2009 when people were calling HTC’s HD2 “too big”. I had told them that in the near future they would use much bigger sizes. I was laughed out of the room, but even then I could see that people looove computers , only hated the form factor.

      BTW I predict even bigger sizes would get more and more the norm, the size will probably plateau for a while (when they’d become too big to carry) until new ways would be found to support even bigger screens.

      Eventually our vision would be surrounded by a digital environments almost 24/7, we’re in the early days of this transition…

      • balcobomber25

        We have had this discussion multiple times. You can’t use a smaller phone one handed, doesn’t apply to everyone.

        • Stef

          Not primarily … Anyway, that was not my point. My point (in this post at least) was to agree with you. The market seems to clearly go towards bigger screens…

        • SnowyCat

          i’m a girl and i dont have like super large hands, i’m also like nearly 170cm and i can sue my mi5 with 5″ without any issue

          i mean for typing i usually use my other hand aswell just because its way fast but for everything else 1 hand is enough..i even plan to go back to 5,2-5,7″ ~with slimm bezels and a rounded design like on my old mx4

    • Sere83

      meanwhile….over at apple HQ they are preparing for the launch of what is bound to be a multi million selling new premium 4 inch iphone…

      • Stef

        I doubt it will sell better than iPhone proper … we shall see…

        • Sere83

          no it will be slightly lower specd but it will sell millions guaranteed

          • balcobomber25

            Apple could sell a 2 inch phone and it would sell in millions. They have incredible brand loyalty.

            • Sere83

              Some people also like small phones too

            • balcobomber25

              Some people do like small phones and there will always be a market for them. But for Android the market is trending towards bigger phones. A smaller company like Meizu doesn’t have the following to go after what has become a niche market. Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, LG etc they could all do it because they have a much larger client base. For Meizu this could end up costing them money,

            • Vlada

              That is a difficult question. You might be right. There is no doubt that people (especially in Asia) prefer bigger phones. But at the same time there is a lot of people who prefer smaller phones. I ended with an LG G3. Nice phone but too big. LG even decreased the display to 5.3″ for the G5. It definitely makes sense.

              Even if only 10% people would like to buy a sub 5″ high-end phone, they could make a good business. In this category is currently only one phone. But you have about 20 high-end phones with 5.1-5.5 displays. Is it better to fight with another 19 products for 90% of people or fight with just one overpriced phone for 10% of customers?

            • balcobomber25

              I am not arguing against smaller phones. I am arguing against Meizu specifically making a smaller premium phone.

            • Andrew P

              Android is trending towards bigger phones because majority of Android phone manufacturers are incapable of advanced engineering. I could count on my one hand fingers how many manufacturers could put S820 and custom antenna under 4.7inch screen.

              And, small screen smartphones aren’t niche market. They dominate the market, and will continue to unless there will be no selection.

            • balcobomber25

              Android is trending towards bigger because that is what consumers want. When Apple made the Iphone 6 Plus one of the reasons they gave was to attract people who wanted Android phones because in their research Android fans weren’t interested in their smaller phones.

          • Stef

            Yeah, but I think Balco’s point was that the market prefers larger sizes. A point that is backed by hard data…

      • balcobomber25

        iSheep will buy whatever the mothership tells them to buy. Meizu doesn’t have the following that Apple does.

  • Sere83

    Terrible and bizarre news, this was the main phone I had been waiting for.

  • 3llawi

    Right now Zopo speed 8 is the beast

  • erictheking87

    Fuck you Meizu! You broke my dreams! :”(

  • I just need two things from my smartphone. JUST TWO: to be Small and to have excellent Sound.
    I’m not exactly complaining, because the Xperia Z5 Compact seems to fill those needs of mine. But still, the Pro 5 Mini could’ve been a good rival.