Purported Huawei P9 leaked with dual camera, dual LED flash and laser focus

Huawei p9 leaked

Leaked images of the Huawei P9 have been limited to just renders of the phone in a handful of colours.

Those renders showed a phone with the usual Huawei chin (Huawei logo on the body and on screen controls), metal body, rear fingerprint scanner and rear dual camera design.

That rear camera set up is quite distinctive with its dual lenses, dual LED flash and laser autofocus, and it has just happened to show up on a device in a leaked photo today. The photography focuses on the rear of the phone where the hardware is on show along with a touch fingerprint scanner. The body however is obscured by a protective case.

Gizchina News of the week

It is widely believed that the Huawei P9 will ship from 2888 Yuan in China with 5.2-inch 1080 FHD display, 2.5Ghz Kirin 955 processor, USB Type C, fast charger, 2900mAh battery and dual 12 mega-pixel rear cameras.

There will be 3 models starting with the P9 Lite, and including the P9 Max and P9 Plus (which oddly have the same size displays).

Will these details be correct? And more interestingly will the latest Huawei take the fight to Xiaomi’s Mi5?

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  1. MattD
    February 28, 2016

    On the hardware side, kirin 950 is not on the same level of the sd820, and probably kirin 955 won’t be either. Is it really an issue? No, unless you’re a benchmark addicted.
    Dual camera + laser autofocus sure sound interesting, but the final result is what matter. And, judging on p8’s and mate 8’s results, plus the experience they already collected with honor 6+, I think it’ll be a really good camera (maybe not on s7 level, but still good). Mi5, on the other hand, doesn’t have all the hw feature, but I’m sure it will have a nice camera too.
    On the rom side, xiaomi always have “the higher ground”, but emui is surprisingly close (an odd thing considering how it was a couple of years ago).
    Price war goes to xiaomi… If you’re in china! Otherwise, they’re in a similar price range (thanks greedy resellers). Moreover, products officially launched in a country tend to drop in price more and much faster than the imported ones (again, thanks greedy resellers).
    And this lead me to the next point: p9 is going to be worldwide available. So no stress with warranty, fees, untranslated chinese rom, network compatibility.
    And probably, we’ll see a microsd card reader on the p9 (which is always welcome).

    All that considered… Yeah, I think p9 will battle against mi5, and it will be a close match.

    • realjjj
      February 28, 2016

      Actually all evidence so far puts Kirin ahead of SD820 in CPU related tasks, and well ahead when factoring in power. In GPU, SD820 will be well ahead but remains to be seen if 50% or 100% ahead (depends on throttling) and at 1080p many could consider Kirin enough.
      Here the rumor is Kirin 955 that would be clocked at 2.5Ghz vs 2.3GHz for the 950, we’ll see if this 955 exists, it should be doable though.

      That being said, the rumored launch date is March 9.

      • Zami
        February 28, 2016

        I dont think it will launch on March 9 because if it was true then Huawei would have send invites by now .

    • Steven Fox
      February 29, 2016

      It`s more than enough and allot better with Multi-Core, just the GPU is inferior, but nothing you throw at it for the next year and a half will make it stutter.
      In general the Kirin chips are super reliable(no overheating, very good battery life).
      I have had three Kirin based phones(Honor 6, 6+ and Mate 7)super reliable and outstanding built quality.
      I am currently using LG Flex 2(SD810)and I`m very happy with it, but when the Honor 8 comes out, I might make the switch, if I don`t jump on the Mi5 first that is 😀

  2. Assefa Hanson
    February 28, 2016

    dual camera police reporting in, if they make the dual camera only for depth ill be upset!!!!!