Will we get upgraded versions of UHANS U100 and U200 with 4.5G Network?

Some time ago the chinese company UHANS mentioned on their Facebook feed a possibility of upgrading phone models U100 and U200, so would such move make sense? Lets check out the specs they are considering.

First should be obviously the processor and the phones are lined up to receive the favourite Mediatek piece Helio P10, recently used for example inside OPPO R9. Also the RAM capacity should get a significant boost up to 4 GB and all things considered it really looks like significant update of the older models in terms of hardware. And the network will be likely able to support 4.5G, meaning that mobile broadband data rates will be exceeding 1,000 Mbit/s – or ten times faster than current 4G rates.

But the rumor mill is not stopping just at better CPU and larger memory, because there is a fair chance we will see also display upgrade and thats something you don’t see every day with model innovations. Theoretically we should get 5.2″ FullHD display and seems like UHANS is getting on the train started by latest models from LG, Samsung and ZTE, all of those with the same display size.


Nothing is fully confirmed as of yet, so we dont know if we really will get these updated versions, but we will certainly keep you updated. Stay tuned.

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