Vernee Thor gets FIDO alliance certification

vernee thor

Vernee’s fingerprint equipped Thor smartphone has become one of the first MT6753 phones to receive FIDO alliance certification which could mean super simple fingerprint logins for more services and apps.

The FIDO alliance is an online group that aims to get rid of all your passwords and replace them with a single fingerprint, retina scan or voice print. The idea is that once you sign up for a service that is FIDO alliance certified your log-in details are then stored on their cloud servers meaning that you can log-in anytime from any FIDO certified device with a simple touch of a fingerprint scanner.

Looking over the FIDO website we can see that big names such as Lenovo, Netflix, Google, PayPal, Mastercard etc have all already joined up with the alliance and today Vernee have confirmed the Thor will come with certification too.

This could mean that in the future Thor owners would need a simple touch of their new phones fingerprint scanner to log in to any of the FIDO approved services rather than entering a different password for each service.

It is great to see a Chinese brand adding useful features, and along with FIDO we might also see some sort of agreement with Uber and Vernee on the Thor too, but do you worry that a one log in system is a security risk or is the simple convenience more important to you?

For those of you wanting to take a look at the Vernee Thor in detail, take a look at the 3D video below:

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