Which headphones to get for Ulefone Vienna?

The audio-centric phone Ulefone Vienna doesn’t need much more introduction, because the subject has been beaten to death already. We know that the promised Hi-Fi sound is going to be achieved via the NXP Smart Audio PA chipset, which is independent on the processor. Thesystem will have the audio frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz so should be be covering all the audible frequencies for the human ear.
Ulefone is not leaving anything to chance and is trying to recommend the ideal corresponding headphones for Vienna to their customers to support the best possible sound output. The five recommended ones are the following : SoundMagic E10, Vsonic GR07 Classic, Edifier H841P, Pioneer SE-MX9-T and Logitech UE 900s.
The truth is that for example the Pioneers have a reputation of not being exactly Hi-Fi with way stronger basses, but the younger generation probably won’t mind anyway because the popular genres like rap or alternatives can utilize that. It’s quite interesting that aside the Pioneer and Logitech are all the headphone makers chinese based ones, which can indicate either Ulefone’s patriotism or real faith in the homegrown quality. But still good list of the recommended headphones, because most of them are still in the “affordable” range of the audio products. So will you get inspired or do you prefer your own?
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