Meet iLife A4, a budget robotic vacuum cleaner! (update)

We all know how Xiaomi is trying hard to be more than just a phone brand. Other Chinese manufacturers, especially those that have an audience outside of China, seem to be following suit.

Chuwi is best known for its budget tablets. In fact, we were positively surprised with the Vi10 tablet some months back. Read the review here.

Fast forward to Q2 2016, and the brand is trying hard to push its home gadgets. Newest of the lot is the iLife A4, which is a $160 piece of kit designed to keep your home clean.

Update: it turns out iLife is now a spun out brand itself, thus the ‘Chuwi’ branding is dropped — so it’s only ‘iLife A4’.


The device is essentially a robotic vacuum cleaner which comes with features such as anti-collision sensors, drop avoidance and more. If you’ve ever watched the Jetson’s this is exactly the kind of stuff you (or perhaps you mom, back then) always wanted.

Other features of the iLife A4 include the ability to clean areas up to 180-200 square meters, daily/scheduled cleaning jobs, and more.

We’ve actually been sent a robotic vacuum cleaner (the iLife V5S), the review of which should be expected soon!

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