Some of the Elephone P9000 Edge specs confirmed

So far we have discussed the upcoming Elephone P9000 Edge specs mostly in form of riddles, speculations and rumors. All the leaked info have been intentionally blurry, veiled and abstract, but still allowed us to have some sort of an idea about the phone equipment.
According to this vaguely painted picture we can be more or less sure about the fact, that the Edge model will feature dual camera setup, fingerprint scanner integrated into the Home button and the edge located Smart Key used for Mute or some other functions.
But today we finally received some officially confirmed Elephone P9000 Edge specs directly from the manufacturer so here we go. The Home button with integrated fingerprint scanner is real and same goes for the Smart Key. But one extra piece of info reveals 5.7-inch JDI display with 2K resolution and high gamut and color saturation.
Elephone P9000 Edge looks more and more appealing, but still only theoretically “on paper” so we have to wait to see, if all the hype and expectations are going to be full met.
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