Video: Ulefone Vienna vs. UMI Super battle of the cameras

Chinese manufacturers Ulefone and UMI are for sure eternal rivals and their constant bickering is a well known thing. Popular weapon in the company battle is very often some comparison video trying to pit the models together with the winner being the brand releasing the video.

Ulefone just published one of those with the comparison of main camera outputs of their Ulefone Vienna and the new UMI Super, who is just getting out of the presale period and making way to first wave of customers.

So what’s the deal with the today’s comparsion ? Both phones are trying to make the case with the quality of their cameras and quite surprisingly it looks like the UMI Super is better concerning the exposition and sharpness in bright litght. On the other hand Ulefone Vienna takes the lead with better color saturation and general color perception.

Check out the video and judge for yourself, but keep in mind these kind of videos are always very far from being unbiased.

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