27th July Xiaomi launch is for the Redmi Pro

xiaomi redmi 4

Going Pro is the way to go for most Chinese phone makers and its time that the hardy Redmi range goes the same way with a new model launching on the 27th July.

You can’t have missed the rumours, leaks and TENAA details of Xiaomi’s latest Redmi device over the past few weeks, well the latest is that the phone (due to launch on the 27th July) will be named the Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

The name details comes from Xiaomi’s own Weibo account which posted an image with the launch date and ‘Pro’ name yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.29.31 AM

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As for the hardware well it looks like two versions of the phone could be released (at least) with one model having a Mediatek Helio X20 chipset, while an alternate version has been sighted with Snapdragon 652. Other options will include the amount of RAM 3-4GB and internal storage.

From images the Redmi Pro looks to have an all alloy metal body with brushed finish. Early news suggested that the phone might have a dual rear camera, but now it appears that it will instead feature a 13 mega-pixel camera and rear fingerprint scanner.

What we find most interesting though is how similar these specs are to the Meizu MX6 launched yesterday, and how we expect the Redmi Pro to be seriously more affordable.

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  1. vijay sud
    July 20, 2016

    Not of much interest in India, coz Xiaomi will bring it here only in 2018, they r only peddling Redmi 2, Mi5, RNM 3, and Max in India. Forgetting the most locrative 5inch market altogether.

    • Bailey
      July 20, 2016

      You do know that mi5 is virtually 5inch

      • vijay sud
        July 20, 2016

        Lucrative 5 inch market in India is not Mi5, which sells for INR 24K, but like Redmi 3Prime, or Meizu 3, which are in range of INR 7 to 8k, and sell by tens of million. Mi5 is facing price cuts in India and still not moving.

  2. realjjj
    July 20, 2016

    You got your details mixed up.
    The back is dual cam, the 3GB version appears to be using X20, the 4GB version would come with x25.
    And the screen is sadly OLED so likely Pentile and that means 720p experience labeled as 1080p.

    We’ll see about the price but , if they copy Apple, Pro means high price for no reason. Maybe they do 999 and 1199CNY, those would be not the best but ok prices if it had a proper screen but the Pro branding suggests a premium.

    Too bad for the screen and home button but if they reach decent prices, they’ll sell a bunch.

    • Adam Nazifi
      July 20, 2016

      I dont know anything about Displays but i thought OLED have very good reputation when it comes to displays

      • realjjj
        July 20, 2016

        Yeah they do because people don’t know anything about .. anything lol.

        The problem is not with OLED itself, the problem is that the OLEDs being commercialized today are almost all Pentile. Not gonna explain what that is, did it once today already lol.
        Read the relevant part here (too lazy too look for other links) http://www.anandtech.com/show/10411/the-oneplus-3-review/4

        Bottom line, you get 960×540 resolution for red and blue and only green is 1920×1080. With a RGB screen you get full resolution for all 3 colors.
        Anyway, there is a 0.1% chance for Xiaomi to use RGB OLED , nobody else does it in phones now so it is safe to assume it’s Pentile.

      • bro-reac
        July 20, 2016

        Amoled and Oled are the same only that amoled is a newer dispay tech and hence better but it is still a version of oled.
        Bottom line amoled is better.

        • realjjj
          July 20, 2016

          No! That’s like saying that IPS is better than LCD,not that you’ll get the point.


          • bro-reac
            July 21, 2016

            Well put man

  3. Fábio
    July 20, 2016

    Redmi + Mtk = no support (fake support)

    I will be very honest, for me this Redmi line is only one good option if you pay very low price, because you will need to change the phone soon.

    I have one Redmi note 3 Mtk launched in December 2015 (8 months ago) and the device still stucked in android 5.0

    So, this is one very important point to think before make a deal.
    I really don’t know about other brands, but I don’t recommend Redmi line to my friends. Maybe the phone could be one good deal in the future when the price drops.

    By the way, don’t forget to add in the pack:
    -99% of useless information in the official forum
    -locked bootloader

    • MaxPower
      July 20, 2016

      Only 14% of worldwide phones are on Android 6.0 today.
      It’s not a Redmi or MTK problem.
      Even Samsung didn’t update all of their phones.

      If You want the last Android version then you should get a Nexus