UMI keep praising their UMI Super model

The UMI Super is getting quite some marketing buzz around it and even the reviews all across the board are pretty favorable (including our own). So no wonder UMI are quite proud about their achievement and keep the self centered praise heaping on.
The claim that the Super is unique thanks to price/performance ratio and the superior build quality is of course questionable and biased, but the phone is surely offering quite some bang for the buck.
Encouraged by the sale numbers of the original UMI Super the company decided to produce a special limited UMI Super Euro Edition in quite good looking blue design and the EURO 2016 brand madness surrounding it.
Of course that’s all marketing talk and while the UMI Super is a pretty decent phone the whole over the top marketing shenanigans can even have a contraproductive effect on its desirability to the customers.
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