Elephone R9, Elephone S7 and iPhone 7 plus photo comparison

Elephone are always trying to show they care about customer feedback and wishes and allegedly the upcoming new models Elephone R9 and Elephone S7 are the result. They say that the design and construction of these models is tailored and shaped exactly to the customer demands and feedback. And of course most importantly it’s crucial to keep the good price/performance ratio.

Today we have for you a photo comparison of these two phones with the recently released iPhone 7 Plus, which has kind of unique look and 5,5-inch display. Well to tell the truth current generation of phones looks more or less basically very similar across the board so i doubt you will find too many big differences in the looks. For that you have to compare the hardware specifications and of course the pricing.

You can find more information about the upcoming Elephone models here and you can also join a giveaway event on official Elephone Twitter and maybe win a free Elephone R9 or S7.


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