Elephone S7 flashes the fancy glittery black cover

The reservations for the new Elephone models S7 and R9 and fully underway and the first numbers are looking quite promising for the chinese phone maker. Yesterday we have taken a look at the multifunctional Home button in Elephone R9 and today we check out the glittery black cover of Elephone S7, because we have a video of it.

There is no question about the appealing looks of such type of a back cover and it even doesn’t have to be the fancy black version. In my humble opinion the blue is the best looking one, but that’s a personal bias in action of course.


The back cover creates some very interesting lumia light wave effect thanks to the IMF technology and 15 layers of composite materials used in its creation. Check out the video to have a better idea about it, because it’s really cool. You can find more information about the phone and the reservations in here.

But if we are already talking about the Elephone S7 then we have to mention that it’s also having its debut on the Tomtop website and you can find the S7 and R9 models for the same fantastic $139.99 price there. And they even supplied hands-on video, even though it uses a prototype of the device.

But still it can help answer some questions and present the Elephone S7 to some extent. You can find more infomation in this link.

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