How’s Ulefone Tiger battery performance ?

New Ulefone Tiger model has just started the presale period and it makes sense that tidbits of information will trickle down to the customers about the main features. Just like today when we have a video about the battery performance and the official promises are talking about 2-day battery life for the 4200 mAh Li-Pol Sony battery.

In the video the tests performed comprised of half an hour playing of Real Racing 3 resulting in 7 % battery loss, half an hour of video playback resulting in 5 % battery loss and half hour of flashlight on resulting once again in 7 % battery loss. So with simple math and expectations we can really get to the 2-day mark, but real life experience will probably vary so take that with a pinch of salt.

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Ulefone Tiger uses the latest generation of Li-Pol cells along the dedicated control chipset for stable input and output so the battery should provide some good service in general. The phone is currently available for preorder for $99.99 until October 29th when the price will go up to retail value of $119.99.

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  1. MattD
    October 19, 2016

    If you can expect 2 days of use from a 4200mah battery, shouldn’t you expect 1 full day from a 2100mah battery? The simple math mentioned in the article calls BS…

    • MitsosDaBest
      October 19, 2016

      It depends from the ROM. My HomTom HT3 Pro has 3000mAh battery and the ROM is so bad optimised, that the battery won’t even last for a day (with heavy use)…

      • MattD
        October 19, 2016

        Also, it’s doogee: the battery totally isn’t a 3000mah unit