Here’s how the MGCOOL and Elephone product line will be divided

We all know MGCOOL is Elephone’s recently established sub-brand covering smart wearables and mobile electronics, with the main goal of making the customers experience a more innovative and tech-centric style of life.

Elephone announced the welcomed MGCOOL brand last month, so here we’ll be clearing out how it’ll work with their products lines from now on.


Elephone & MGCOOL official statement:

MGCOOL’s products lines will include Elephone’s action cameras series, quick chare series, mechanical keyboard series, Noise-cancellation earphone, mouse, and MGCOOL smart band. Moreover, MGCOOL is developing some cool electronics, and we will release them in the near future.Elephone & MGCOOL

As for the customer support:

From now on, the aftersale of these products will be only provided by MGCOOL, Elephone will mainly focus on smartphone business. So welcome Elephone users to contact us if you have issues about these products. MGCOOL always Elephone & MGCOOL

So, if you own any of these products or are interested in buying them, remember to contact MGCOOL from now on.

You can contact MGCOOL in the following places:

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