Uhans U300 marketed with some medieval flair twists

Uhans U300

Uhans are teasing us with the upcoming Uhans U300 model for quite some time already and the campaign is apparently even picking up some speed. At first it revolved around the “Best or Nothing” motto, but the latest update comes with a medieval twist and knight references.

I’m not exactly sure how does the U300 with the futuristic leathery Mercedes-Benz designer look translate to the knightly words about bravery, honesty and fight for honor and justice, but well that could be me. Maybe the metallic titanium alloy build paired with the leather back can somehow indicate the rebellion against the boring looks of other recent smartphones. Still quite a leap back in time from all the modern Vertu-like luxury words before, like in the following video.

The hardware inside could maybe get tied to the knights armor with some resistant qualities thanks to IP65 certification and Gorilla Glass 4. And the knightly weapons ? Well MT6750 processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, 5,5-inch FullHD display and big 4750 mAh battery. Now it would be nice to finally get the Uhans U300 released for real, because all the fancy words are just masking the fact, that the phone is still not yet physically available.

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