Elephone Play X will have a zirconian-sandblasted metal body

Elephone Play X

As we’ve previously seen on GizChina, Elephone are going to launch a new dual camera phone, i.e. Elephone Play X. We still don’t know much the phone’s internal specs and so on, but Elephone has now revealed some info about its outside design. Let’s have a look.Elephone Play X

The Elephone Play X will have a very sleek and elegant look, which reminds a bit the iPhone 7/7 Plus in some parts. The antenna bands on the back don’t look too noticeable and as they say, should improve the overall signal strength of the phone.

The handset comes in a full metal body created through the process of sandblasting, which is what most phone manufacturers use, but not all of them give the same results depending on the materials used.

Elephone say the Play X’s aluminum body is processed with zirconium sand, that should give the phone a more premium final look and feel compared to cheaper sandblasting methods.

That’s as much as we know about the Elephone Play X for the moment being. What do you guys think about this device?

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