Xiaomi Mi MIX II early information leaked by CEO Lei Jun!

I guess we can all agree (even the grumpy ones) that the Xiaomi Mi MIX was one of the highlights of the previous year and – obviously- a prototype device that most manufacturers will be based upon for future creations. Xiaomi’s CEO however isn’t a shy guy and he recently unveiled certain early information regarding the successor of the first MIX, that will be called Xiaomi Mi MIX II.

Lei Jun posted some info (along with an image) on his Weibo account and after mentioning that the designer of the Mi MIX, Frenchman, Philippe Starck will be returning to design the new device, he also revealed that this time, they will try to further increase the screen/body ratio up to 93%, higher that the one of the original Mix model!

The two men have already gone over the possible design of the Mi MIX II and admitted that they will try to – once again- be original and groundbreaking just as they did when they launched the first MIX model. After all Xiaomi is not alone in the tri-bezel-less market now. According to analyst Sun Changxu (who claims to have seen an early iPhone 8 prototype), Apple is getting ready to create a similar device and if this is true, then Xiaomi will have to be even more creative with their upcoming Mi MIX II model, don’t you think?

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