Dual camera Elephone Play X will challenge imagination, Elephone say

Elephone Play X

Elephone’s — iPhone7 Plus-esque — Play X is getting closer to the official launch. The phone is said to challenge your imagination with its dual camera setup. What are they on about? Let’s try to understand.

Elephone Play X

The dual 13MP cameras on the upcoming Elephone Play X should allow users to extend their inventiveness. With the two cameras you will indeed be able to create DSLR-like photos with a very shallow depth of field, not too bad considering it’s still a mobile phone.

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The Elephone Play X should also be accompanied by a top-class processor to help with image processing, but it’s too early to know the actual SoC.

Elephone Play X

With the Play X still this far away, what do you guys think about phones with dual camera setup? Do you already own one or are you going to? Let us know in the comments below!

More info over at Elephone’s official website.

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  1. Oscar
    February 17, 2017

    Dual cameras are a gimmick. The average user probably just wants to take a selfie and a few pics here and there. An actual photographer or anyone serious about photography will have a DLSR handy. I think sticking to 1 camera with full manual control is the way forward, caters for the average user and for the enthusiast.

    • Assefa Hanson
      February 18, 2017

      Having single cameras wont cater to average users, seeing that average users purchase by what LOOKS best and have very little knowledge big apple went dual cameras so the average user will think they are buying a lesser product or missing out

      Not to mention your idea of what is best doesnt suit the business,by the end of the day business is business both the consumer and company need to mutually benefit so you missed the third piece and that is catering to investors/shareholders

      • Oscar
        February 18, 2017

        Everything you said is what’s wrong with people and business. Foolish consumers and corporate greed. Not a sustainable method in my eyes.

        • Assefa Hanson
          February 19, 2017

          Everything that busines is currently is perfectly sustainable, foolish people spend easily greedy people takes advantage of them its the very same concept why we are able to even live we raise less intellegent plants or animals then consume them

          Whats not sustainable is catering to true tech enthusiast because their expectations are too high and companies will have to invest too much to meet their demand

  2. Nicolas Marshall
    February 19, 2017

    This article tells me that a dual camera phone has two cameras. And that by having two cameras, it’s gonna have some bokeh like phones with two cameras. Breaking news !