Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will have even slimmer bezels, AMOLED display

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will have even slimmer bezels, AMOLED display


The Xiaomi Mi Mix is a phone that still manages to catch the attention of many. The device is extremely ‘out of the ordinary’, and one that happens to be on the wishlist of many. You can read our Xiaomi Mi Mix review here.

According to reports coming out from China, the next iteration of the Mi Mix will have bezels that are even slimmer than the ones on the current model. What’s more, the Mi Mix 2 will also feature an AMOLED display.

The lack of an AMOLED display is what really shows on the Mi Mix. It’s one of those things that you really want to see on the phone, and something that you would otherwise deem obvious for a design like that.

According to founder and CEO of Xiaomi — Lei Jun — the company aims for truly bezel-less phone with the upcoming new version of Mi Mix. This, apparently, will be achieved by making the edges of the phone curved.

We should see the Mi Mix 2 in all its glory in the coming few months. Xiaomi will want to make it soon, since it’s an avenue they have a head start in.

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  • Gousgounis

    If they manage to use an under screen fingerprint sensor and a pop up front camera, then I hope we will see the worlds first all sides bezeles phone.

    • Dominó85

      Samsung Galaxy S9… 😀 But being fully bezelless makes these devices very weak against physical damages. I think it is a bad trend. Good and nice, but very useless feature of a smartphone.