Echo Star Plus is a thin all glass design value phone coming...

Echo Star Plus is a thin all glass design value phone coming in May

Echo Star Plus

During the course of MWC 2017 we have seen a presentation of the new lineup of the french company Echo Mobiles and learned about their intentions of succeeding in the global European market as well. And today we will take a look at the the Echo Star Plus as one of the new interesting models there.

Echo Star Plus is a nice looking phone with all glass design available in several colors including the rather exciting dark blue variant. Being only 7,3 mm thin it can aspire to be a pretty fancy device even for the design lovers. And with 5-inch HD display it stays fairly compact as well. Inside ticks the MT6737 processor supported by 3 GB RAM and 16 GB of expandable storage and with dual SIM support, rear contact fingeprint scanner, 2500 mAh battery and Android 7.0 the specs are looking fairly solid for a value phone.

There is still a fair amount of time ahead of us before the Echo Star Plus will be released, because the launch date is set for May. And with the retail European price of 149.99 euro it will face a pretty tough competition in the price range.

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  • Wolvie

    Again why people still like to buy an ALL stupid GLASS ,bezelles, 99.99999%+ screen ratio to casing smartphone ?

    Those ALL GLASS phones are so fragile that make the phone usage unbearable not convenience because we afraid the damn thing will drop and scattered into million pieces easily.

    I still prefer phone with a bit metal bezel and good sturdy metal casing to protect my phone.

    • Nilzie

      Use a case. And trust me this Will be far from bezelless. And if you look at the picture, you can see the frame is either metal or plastic