The Xiaomi Mi 6 and OnePlus 5 are two of the most awaited phones to come out from China in 2017. While we can’t possibly give for certain every single detail about them, we can still assume what they’ll most likely look like and compare them, take everything with a grain of salt, of course.

Just to make it clear, we’re giving the next OnePlus phone the “5” moniker as they are a Chinese company with deep roots in their culture and traditions, in which the number “4” is considered to be unlucky. Our editor in chief — Yash Garg — talks about it in this article.


Let’s begin with the one that’s getting launched sooner, i.e. the Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 6 Plus. We’ve already seen plenty of renders of this phone and much like with the Samsung Galaxy S8, we probably won’t see any surprised face when it finally gets revealed.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 6 Plus will almost certainly feature a dual camera setup on the back in a body that’s most likely made out of metal, with a ceramic back cover variant for the more expensive special edition.

On the front we’ll probably see an almost edge-less display without curves, for the happiness of those who dislike curved edged screens. For the rest the phone shouldn’t look much different from the previous Xiaomi Mi 5, albeit it’ll now be available in two screen sizes, a smaller 5.15-inch and a bigger 5.7-inch one.

As far as the OnePlus 5 goes, we’re pretty much still in the dark. There are tons of renders made by users but that’s about it, there’s nothing actually “leaked” from OnePlus. We can only assume it’ll feature a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display, possibly with a dual-edgeless design.

Here’s a render of the OnePlus 5 which has the same value of those iPhone 8 images already floating around:

oneplus 4 concept


snapdragon 835

On the hardware side, the two phones won’t differ too much, they’re both going to be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 — with the exception of a cheaper Xiaomi Mi 6 version coming with a Snapdragon 821 — 6GB of RAM — Xiaomi giving more choices with 4GB and 8GB variants as well — and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage — again, the Mi 6 will also be available in versions going from 32GB to 256GB.

The OnePlus 5 is also rumored to feature a 4000mAh battery, 12MP wide-angle front camera, a 23MP rear shooter and IP68 rating.


There isn’t a lot to say about software at this point, both phones are most likely going to run Android Nougat; of course the OnePlus 5 will always be slight ahead of the Mi 6 (and many other phones) as far as updates and features go. That’s also why many people love OnePlus phones in the first place.

Pricing & Availability

xiaomi mi5s pricing

According to previous leaks, the Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 6 Plus will be priced as follows:

Xiaomi Mi 6

  • 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM variant will cost 1999 Yuan ($290)
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM variant will cost 2,299 Yuan ($333)
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant will cost 2,699 Yuan ($391)

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM variant will cost 2599 Yuan ($377)
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant will cost 2,999 Yuan ($435)
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM variant will cost 3499 Yuan ($507)

Regarding the OnePlus 5, we aren’t aware of any possible price-tag but if previous launches are anything to go by, we expect the next “flagship-killer” to cost about $400 give or take.

As far as availability goes, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Mi 6 Plus will almost certainly be launched next month, on April 14th to be precise, but Samsung’s monopoly on Snapdragon 835 chips might push it back to May. Meanwhile the OnePlus 5 is still relatively far from getting revealed, OnePlus have recently launched a Midnight Black version of the OnePlus 3T and they want to cash-in on that, so expect it to come in Q3 or Q4 of 2017.

Your take

Now it’s time to hear your voice. What do you guys think about these phones? Which one are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • pa5t1s

    I’m just expecting than OP5 will have a larger screen than the usual 5’5… 6′ or 6’2 will be perfect and so-2017! 🙂

    • Giulio Dainese

      And i’m just here, waiting for a good 4.5″… (Hopeless)

      • NextHype

        You should check the latest Nokia 3310 xD

        • Giulio Dainese

          I’ll wait for something better ?

  • Conrad Aquilina

    I keep recommending Xiaomi’s to all that ask my opinion, because they are safe bets (usually) and generally cheaper than OnePlus.

    Yet, with the aura that OnePlus have, coupled with the fact there seems to be more focus with a single model, I cannot continue to ignore OnePlus.

    From a stability point of view, I appreciate what Xiaomi do with Miui. OnePlus, even though deliver stable Android variants, seem to float to whatever sounds right at the moment. Which may not be the best thing to be doing with a high-end flagship-killer. The OS side of it needs to be streamlined.

  • NextHype

    value for money => Xiaomi
    camera / screen / audio quality => OnePlus

    • Raky_b

      Only if you are in China or some other country that Xiaomi is officially available…. Otherwise, value for money also goes to the OnePlus… Since you have to pay VAT on imported Xiaomi and with it, it costs more than OP device, plus it doesn’t have warranty or service support… And if anything happens, in best case scenario, you’ll be just paying shipping costs (a d after get free mask from Xioami for that) and wait for your phone to return in month or two…

      • NextHype

        ppl usually evade VAT by using standard mail instead of UPS / DHL / …
        as for the customer support part, it depends on the country you live in.

        • Raky_b

          That doesn’t mean anything…
          Low is that you have to pay VAT, if you are lucky not to…. Well, it’s kind a betting…
          In Norway where i’m from, they do their job, so you can’t expect to avoid it. And why would you!?
          Anyway, if you’re lucky not to pay wat, you still have to pay shipping, and with that, there is no price difference (between similarly specd M5s ((4/64 version can easily cost more than 6/64 version of op3t).

          Also, how do you mean that ” it depends on country you live in”!?
          In all countries that Xiaomi is not officially available, there is no service or customer support…. In best case scenario, you can send phone back to seller that you are bought from and wait for it to come back. I won’t go writing now, how many things can go wrong there… But a thing is, Xiaomi won’t help you in any case… If you ask them for help, they will tell you that they don’t have “international support, and that they can’t do nothing…point you to contact sellers on eBay, aliexpress, ore some other shops. I had 7 Xiaomi’s phones, and had same answer from xiaomi for 4 of them (3 ware good).
          All common problems for every unit, not something that is my fault (redmi 1s- no GPS, mi4i-evereything from a day 1, Redmi Pro- screen burnt inn, mi5 – camera app crashing, overheating, battery drain, plus (now fixed) gps lock issue and notifications coming late…
          Again, i won’t be writing about Xiaomi’s bad cameras, because there are no issues there, it’s one of Xiaomi’s futures.

          I’ll just say that Oneplus doesn’t have that problem… So, it’s worth of every single penny of premium over Xiaomi.

          • NextHype

            There is a luck factor when buying low cost chinese devices like Xiaomi’s phones, Chuwi’s tablets, etc… some ppl won’t try their luck and stick with the trusted brands (as an exemple I only buy devices from Oppo, One+, Vivo, Huawei, LG, etc…).

            To be honest I should have wrote : If device not faulty then best value for money = Xiaomi xD

            My bad ^^

            As for the VAT part, it depends on your country I guess, but there often is a way to get around.

          • Peter Stein

            We have now 2 Mi5 and 1 Mi5 Pro and a Oppo R9s before I had a MI4
            All bought in China and never had any issue whatsoever
            I can’t say anything about the service of Xiaomi
            But these phones are just great and unbeatable for the price
            Next month I will be in China and come back home with a few MI 6
            IPhone 7 is good too but price is rediculous
            Samsung Huawei and LG i don’t like at all and also overpriced

  • Raky_b

    So, you just wried so big text and in it you are staking that there was o