Xiaomi Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale unveiled, costs 89 Yuan ($13)

Xiaomi unveiled recently its latest Smart Home product, adding it to the extensive lineup of similar products it already promotes. We’re talking about the Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale which does – a lot – more than an ordinary scale would.

As one can expect, this “smart” scale monitors all relevant physical data such as Body Mass Index (BMI), body age, protein, weight, body fat, muscle, bone mass, internal organ fat, basal metabolic rate and water level. It also relies on a special BIA chip inside, that uses multi-frequency AC electrical impedance for the measurement of biological tissues, giving much more accurate readings than other BMI measurements.

As with most of Xiaomi’s products, the Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale comes in white color, it’s made of tempered glass for maximum durability and comes with anti-skid treatment. It packs a high-definition LED display and an electrode sensing film with 304 stainless steel which has anti-rust properties so you feel safe when you step on the scale with wet feet.

The smart scale is equipped with low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology in order to connect to your Xiaomi Mi app, gets its power from 3 AA batteries but rest-assured, it turns itself off automatically when not in use. It’s priced at 89 Yuan ($13) and is already available for funding via the Mi home Crowdfunding platform.

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