Will The Real Meizu E2 Please Stand Up?

meizu e2

So if rumours are true, we might actually be seeing a bit of a change in the usual Meizu launch cycle. What we normally see from Meizu is a slight update on a device we’ve already seen in the past with a new name and new price tag, but the Meizu E2 could actually get an all new feature.

While Meizu has had limited success with its camera features the phone maker has never been known as a smartphone to buy if you love snapping photos, but the E2 might be the phone to change that.

The Meizu E2 is said to feature new beautification feature in the system and could be the first Meizu to launch with a front facing flash. What’s more, we could see the camera module on the Meizu E2 moved it what will be a real shake up to the Meizu design signature.

Two new leaks released today show that the Meizu E2 looks likely to have a camera module on the left side of the phone rather than in the centre of the handset as we have seen for years already.

But these two leaks are very different. The first shows an actual phone with Meizu banding and a camera design and location very similar to current Oppo and Vivo phones. It’s an ugly copy of what has already been done before and we sincerely hope this photo isn’t the final product.

The second image is this.

It shows the camera in the same position but in a new, neater, camera area with dual LED flash. There might even be room there for dual sensors, although we expect that feature to be saved for the MX7 or Pro 7.

So which of the two do you prefer, and is either design enough for you to reach for your wallet?

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