Elephone P8 Mini: The Most Cost-Effective Phone on the Market?

As many of you GizChina readers may already know, the Elephone P8 Mini is probably the phone with the highest price-to-performance ratio (RAM/Storage wise) currently on the market. The 5-inch phone does indeed sport 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and it’s priced $139.99 when not on flash sale.

To make the P8 Mini stand out from the crowd even more, the Chinese phone maker has shared a comparison table, where we find most phones with 4GB and 64GB that cost definitely more than Elephone’s alternative, let’s give it a look.

As we can see, the table is pretty self explanatory. We have the 4GB/64GB Elephone P8 Mini smashing everything else as far as pricing goes. The closest one price-wise is the Huawei Enjoy 6 but that features less RAM (3GB) and a lot less internal storage (16GB).

In conclusion, what Elephone wants to prove is that their handset is one of the most cost-effective devices around, which is what we had already figured out when they first launched it in their reservation period for just $99.99.

Elephone P8 Mini

For those who are interested in the Elephone P8 Mini, you can check out Elephone’s product page where you can get it for $139.99 or $99.99 depending on which online store is running the promotion.

Check out the review of the Elephone P8 Mini from our Zi Jin Cheng!

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