Watch: Elephone P8 GPS Test vs iPhone 7 Plus and Nokia 6

The Elephone P8 mini and Elephone P8 travel in couple, so after releasing a video on how the GPS performs on the mini, we now have a GPS demonstration for the bigger brother. Let’s have a look.

This GPS test is definitely more interesting and useful than what we’ve seen the other day. In fact this video shows how the GPS performs on a moving car, which is when you’re going to need it the most.

Elephone compared their Elephone P8 to an iPhone 7 Plus on the left and a Nokia 6 on the right. All three smartphones which on paper have very different price tag seem to perform quite well, even when there are turns on the road. Elephone say this will be the first of a series of videos where they show how GPS works on their device, this time it was the easiest test with a nice and clear sky, next time they’ll be testing it in areas with tall buildings, under tunnels and more complicated roads.

For those who aren’t fully on track with Elephone smartphone, the P8 is their latest camera-centric smartphone with a 21MP rear camera and 16MP front-facing shooter, both with PDAF. The phone also boasts an Helio P25 2.5Ghz CPU, 6GB of RAM and a 3600mAh battery.

elephone p8

Click here to learn more about the Elephone P8.

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